Join the ERGs Mentoring Programme

The ERGs Mentoring Programme is included in the comprehensive Grass Roots in Action community programme, developing the skills of those involved in building employee networks.

Mentoring, i.e. the transfer of knowledge and experience, serves to provide current or future network leaders with the best practical business knowledge for establishing successful networks based on D&I values, managing them effectively and creating a network business strategy compliant with the organisation’s goals.

Participation in the Mentoring Programme is intended to strengthen the leadership competences and become a source of strong inspiration for future actions and activities in the organisation focused on network development.


The Mentoring Programme is dedicated to:

During the Mentoring Programme lasting 5 months (July - November 2021), the Mentees will be supported by the Mentor. Submissions for the Mentoring Programme are invited until 
11 June 2021: 


Network leaders from all over the world are welcomed to participate in the Programme. Participation is free of charge. The sessions will be conducted in an online format.

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