D&I Changemakers Conference 2021

For the past 6 years, we have been setting the trends and sharing best-practice under the D&I Changemakers brand. We stand for premium knowledge, fres inspirations and insightful forecasts based on research and practical experience. Clear, well-presented and inspiring content are among our event’s key advantages.


What’s the future of D&I and is it heading in the right direction? Take part in this year’s conference and find the answer with us!

The most important topics which will be discussed:


➡️ The Bigger Picture -> D&I out of HR - a wider perspective on D&I, breaking with the myth of „D&I = HR project”, D&I in our products, services, marketing, legal, etc.

➡️ Systemic approach - strategies, organized activities, D&I management structures

➡️ D&I challenges - greenwashing, “difficult” sectors/businesses, uncommon perspectives, unsolved cases, resistance, internal barriers, no-win situations

➡️ Mental health and D&I - responsibility for mental health, limits to support, instrumentalization of mental health support, conflict between individual and company goals.


Our event is dedicated to top managers, D&I Experts and Managers, HR Managers, ERGs’ leaders and researchers. Conference has always been and still is non-profit and free-of-charge for all participants.


More information here 👉 https://changemakers2021.diversityhub.org/

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środa, 1 grudnia 2021


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